Chronic Nerve Pain

Written by: Jackie, South Africa

Chronic Nerve Pain

It has been a few weeks now since I purchased and started using the laser of nerve damage. I was able to stop taking both the trepline and cymgen within weeks of therapy. I continue to use the laser daily.

Comra therapy has saved my life: I was taking trepiline and cymgen for over a year. The nerve pain and treatment has been going on for almost 3 years now. Doctors said it was nerve pain but could never tell me how I actually got it. When I stopped the medication and only used the laser I suddenly started to present with other painful symptoms. I did a general sugar test at dischem and was advised to go have glucose tests done through my GP. On Monday I went for the test only to discover that I am diabetic (type 2), that the nerve damage is probably caused from this. Had I not started using the laser I would not have stopped the medication, the medication was interfering with the pain signals to the brain, thus masking the pain in my feet. In addition the tiredness and other symptoms was also associated with the medication. The doctors never did a simple sugar test. It appears that I have been diabetic for at least the last 3 years. Without the laser who knows what could have happened.

I am now using the laser for the nerve damage due to diabetes as well as to treat the actual pancreas, as per the manual. I am finally on the right medication and although not happy to have diabetes, happy that I finally after 3 years know what is going on.

The laser truly saved my life, when would the doctors have actually done the right diagnoses...after my passing?

In addition I have used the laser on a few family members with great results 80 year Woman – Urine infection and pain 18 year Boy – Skeletal pain from a bicycle accident 70 year Woman – broken bone in foot as youngster, problems now extreme pain 46 year Man – Back problems

All of the above experienced some relief after only a few sessions.

I truly by into the healing properties of this and it has made a huge difference to my life.

Thank you

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