Golfers’ Elbow and Tennis Elbow

Written by: Mandy, South Africa

Injury to the elbows was sustained through repetitive over-exertion whilst moving heavy wheelbarrow loads of crushed stone and laying heavy concrete terracing blocks in 2011.

Treatment by means of very painful cortisone injections to both elbows brought relief for a period of time, but had to be repeated. Pain relief periods became shorter and elbow mobility became impaired. Eventually, when I was no longer able to engage my car gear into reverse, I was referred to an Orthopaedic Specialist in 2012 for “release surgery” to repair the “Golfers’ Elbow” injury to the left arm with good results.

Five months later, and in considerable pain, I underwent surgery on the right elbow. It was not possible to perform surgery for both injuries on the right arm at the same time as this would destabilise the elbow, so only the more severe Golfers’ Elbow injury was repaired whilst the Tennis Elbow injury was once again treated with cortisone.

Healing was proceeding well until I suffered a setback in straining the elbow, trying to sit up after an emergency appendectomy, one month after the elbow surgery and, at a critical stage of the re-attachment of the tendon to the bone. This was again treated with cortisone however the right arm never healed as well as the left arm and the Tennis Elbow injury flared up again. It now seemed that I would simply have to live with the pain in the right elbow.

On meeting fellow travellers, John and Tina Botton, I was afforded the opportunity of using their coMra Laser. Strangely, the first time I used it I actually dropped off to sleep, however I did not experience rapid results and felt that it was not really bringing me relief. They allowed me to take their coMra Laser with me on my travels and urged me to continue using it at least 2-3 times daily until we were to meet up again later.

After 4 weeks of regular use I began to notice definite pain relief to the surgical intervention setback on the right elbow, and realised I was indeed starting to feel some improvement to the Tennis Elbow injury that had not been surgically corrected. I am now of the belief that longerterm therapy with the coMra Laser Therapy might well heal the Tennis Elbow injury that was not surgically corrected. If this indeed does happen, I would certainly not advise anyone to undergo the surgery I underwent but rather to use the non-invasive treatment of the coMra Laser.

* Results may vary from person to person.

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