Chronic migraine

Written by: Havva, Switzerland

The 42-year-old female had migraine for about 20 years. Before starting coMra-Therapy she was in a very bad state and was on the point of being hospitalized for addiction to medication (triptans) which she took nearly every other day. She had 1 to 2 attacks a week with very severe pain, each lasting 1-3 days but also moderate to severe pain on most other week days. Pain free days were scarce.

She reported nearly all the typical symptoms of migraine: sensitive to lights and sound, nausea, vomiting, headache on one side (but also often headache on both sides since one year), pulsating headache, steady headache, worsening with movement, visual aura, neurological aura and attacks sometimes were associated with menstrual periods.

The female used the 980nm Delta Laser for daily treatments and kept daily records of her condition for 4,5 month (June 14 – October 30, 2013) as well as recorded different aspects of her health and well-being with monthly questionnaires.

Already at the end of the first two weeks of daily coMra-Therapy the female started to notice improvements in her daily pain levels. From the 7th week onward she was essentially pain free. She stopped taking abortive headache medication (triptans) and there was no need any more to go to hospital for medication addiction. At the end of November, 4 months after she stopped treating herself, she still was pain free.

Day 1

Changes in maximum level of headaches as recorded by the female in daily diary.

* Results may vary from person to person.

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