Multiple Healing Effects

coMra successfully combines the strengths of four separate healing modalities:

  1. Low-level (or cold) laser technology
  2. Colour LEDs
  3. Magnetism and
  4. Low-intensity ultrasound

Individually, all of these therapies have shown beneficial effects on cell proliferation, inflammation, pain relief and immunity to disease, in cases with very different underlying pathologies. When these modalities are combined together, we have found that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Main Therapeutic Actions include;

  • Stimulation of cellular activity
  • Analgesic & anti-inflammatory effects
  • Stimulation of stem cells to initiate regeneration of tissue
  • Improves lymphatic system thus assisting with detoxification
  • Increases oxygen-carrying capacity of blood to help with healing
  • Stimulates neuroprotective effects, as well as helping regenerate nerves
  • Increases blood flow, carrying necessary hormones and nutrients, while also removing toxins

coMra's Multiple
Healing Effects

coMra's Multiple Healing Effects

Multiple healing effects

Energy deficit is a common denominator in practically all diseases. By addressing the lack of energy in cells, coMra supports the body's natural self-healing ability, the cells can regenerate and the body can recover faster.

The main effects of the different radiances in coMra are:

  • Activation of stem cells for regeneration by infrared laser light
  • Infrared laser light increases ATP levels in cells
  • Magnetic field stimulates the key process of energy metabolism (ATP synthesis)
  • Ultrasound improves metabolism in the body, speeds up processes of protein synthesis and accelerates enzymatic activity
  • LEDs act on skin-embedded sensory nerves to help stimulate immune and endocrine functions, and also initiate local and systemic responses to disease, through chemical messengers (cytokines, hormones)

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A New Approach to Treating Pain with coMra-Therapy